Hi, my name is Sylwia. I Am a makeup artist based in London.

I love the beauty around me – in nature, in somebody’s eyes, in art, in a beautiful soundtrack, in a movie. That’s why I feel really fortunate to be able to create beauty myself. Designing beautiful, effortless and timeless looks that my clients fall in love with makes me really happy. 


Creating the look and applying the makeup on the client is a very intimate thing for me and for them. I enter a very personal space of every woman by simply touching her face. That’s why I want to connect with them as much as I can. I try engaging in conversation to discover their likes, lifestyle, and what inspires them. I want to show their unique personality and natural beauty by enhancing their best features in a way they would never think of!


What I love about makeup is how transformative it can be. By using a red lipstick you can transform a girl next door into a vamp. Or by creating a ‘no makeup’ look – using soft pastels – you can show softness in a face.


Another wonderful thing about makeup is the almost therapeutic impact it can have on us.  That good coat of mascara on your lashes , a touch of blusher on the cheeks  or rosy lipstick can make you feel like you can conquer the world! Not only because you can but also because it brightens up your face, opens up your eyes and makes your lips smile. 


I believe that my passion for makeup and beautifying the faces should bring only joy and do no harm to anyone – my kit is 100% cruelty free. I have started to introduce my clients to the idea of non-toxic beauty. The majority of products in my kit are natural, organic and vegan. I use products from niche brands that use high-quality ingredients and support themselves with the best available technologies. 


Having a background as a beauty therapist, I know the importance of the products you apply to your skin on daily basis. This is why I believe that when we apply makeup, it should be a continuation of a skincare routine.