Our skin has different needs depending on the season, our diet, hormonal cycles, age so it changes nearly every day. 

Important thing is to pay a little attention to it and treat accordingly. A well looked after skin is a fantastic base for makeup, and every foundation will look much better. If you need to use any.  Plus – if you don’t wear makeup, it will be an extra benefit for you to feel more confident going out “au natural” 😊.

My morning skin care routine has changed over the years, but not drastically. I have the few steps that I always follow. What changes are the products I use, the ingredients in them, formulas and textures. The technology of delivering ingredients into the layers of the skin change, but the skin’s functions and processes do not. 

The products I use on the morning are:

  1. CleansingMother Dirt Cleansing Mouse (water based cleanser), this will remove the night cream, as well as anything that has come to the surface of the skin overnight. If you are using an oil in your night routine, it is advised to remove it with an oil-based cleanser. I currently use Elan Skincare Wonder Cleanser, I  would use a water-based cleanser afterwards. This step is called a double cleanse.
  2. Toner – is one of those products we usually skip, as no one is sure what it does, right? It brings back and balances the correct PH of the skin, and hydrates it topically. I currently use  Ren Ready Steady Glow Daily Aha Tonic –. It’s a brightening tonic thanks to combination of powerful yet gentle ( Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Salicylic Acid (BHA).
  3.  Eye Cream Age Defy + line eraser  serum By Green People,  very concentrated formula. This really increases the hydration around the eyes, and smells of lemons😊. 
  4. Serum  –  BachuchiOl serum Bybi, it is actually a very light formula. That doesn’t feel like an oil at all, absorbs very quickly. BachuchiOil is compared to a plant equivalent of retinol. What it does, it increases collagen production (that means it minimises the wrinkles) and decreases surface of hyperpigmentation.
  5. MoisturiserKrayna no.4 Plantain; an anti-inflammatory that reduces the redness, protects the skin, narrows the pores and brightens the complexion.
  6. Sunscreen  – Claudalie SPF 50 anti-wrinkle face sun Care Lotion. It’s water resistant ( not that I need it now ) as well as antioxidant. Additionally, the innovative formula is protective not only to the skin, but to the marine eco system.

It may seem like a lot of steps, but it will truly make a difference to your skin. 

These products I recommend, and I tried and tested on my mature skin. I am not allergic to anything; my skin could be slightly sensitive to the temperature changes. My cheeks tend to be drier than my T-zone. What works for me may not necessarily would work for you. I always advice to read the ingredients list, especially if you tend to have more sensitive skin. 

I would love to hear from you, what product do you have on your vanity shelf, that makes your skincare fun?

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vegan cleanser with melon and cucumber

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