When applying makeup, sometimes we want to accentuate either eyes or lips. With face coverings being our daily routine, I am going to present you two makeup looks, where eyes are the center of attention. Firstly, you will avoid lipstick being smudged under the mask. Secondly – your eyes will be more noticeable.

Upside down cat eye

  1. Prepare your upper eyelid with a corrector or foundation to even out the colour of the skin
  2. Cover it gently with a setting powder, it will help eyeshadow to last longer
  3. Apply a chosen eyeshadow colour. – It can be a matt nude colour or something more shiny. Bear in mind that too dark colour won’t be a good contrast for this kind of look.
  4. Remove any eye shadow fallout gently before moving on to the next step. If you have already applied your foundation, you can use the same brush to  gently remove any fallout .
  5. Take a kohl pencil (a soft eyeliner pencil), simple black one or in any chosen colour, define your lower lash line and fill waterline 
  6. Using a sharp angled brush or a cotton but – extend the line towards temple to create a flick
  7. then, using a dark grey or black eye shadow , smudge the outer edge of the line
  8. Apply a few coats of a thickening mascara or for even more dramatic effect, add a few clusters of fake lashes

If you add super sexy big hair – you won’t go unnoticed!

picture of a model with glamours makeup and hair
portrait of a model looking down

Graphic eyeliner with a sparkle

  1. Prepare your upper eyelid using an eye shadow primer
  2. Using a black eyeliner, create a line from the outer corner of the eye towards the eyebrows . It’s up to you how far you go, however, remember not to direct the liner down and make it look like an extension of your lower lash line.
  3. Starting from the end of the line, create an arch line that goes towards the inside of your eyelid , following the crease of your eye  
  4. This arch can go all the way to the inner corner of your eye or you can stop half way through
  5. Gently smudge edges of the line with a small brush, to cover any imperfections  
  6. Apply a shiny/sparkly eyeshadow of your chosen shade on the eyelid, to fill the space created by the eyeliner. Or simply use a lot of glitter!
  7. If you have covered the eyeliner a bit too much – go over it with a pencil or a shadow again.
  8. Add some fake lashes or a few coats of mascara on the top and bottom lashes

 This makeup will look amazing with a modern high ponytail,additionally enhancing elongated eyeliner.

big voluminous hair
party hairstyle modern ponytail

Makeup and photography by me

Hair by Timea Breban https://www.instagram.com/timeabreban/

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