As the saying goes – “people buy from people”. That’s why you decided to have a professional, personal branding shoot.

Anneli Marinovich Personal Branding

Looking polished and well-groomed in the pictures is an important part of this.

 A professional makeup artist will know which products photograph well and how to apply makeup that will accentuate and enhance your best features. You might be doing a great job with applying your own makeup on daily basis. However, what looks good with the naked eye, does not necessary look good in the pictures. Looking your very best and feeling good about yourself, will help you being more comfortable and confident in front of the camera. A great look will attract more viewers!

My advice is to choose a look that makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself.

If you are used to wearing eyeliner, you might not be satisfied with simpler, more natural look. However, it might be a good idea to tone it down slightly, to achieve more professional look. Don’t worry, you can still wear a bright lipstick, especially if it is your signature and suits you well!

Wearing the right, well applied makeup will give you a confidence boost and help you look good on camera. It should work with your skin tone and natural features. The camera does not capture colours in as much vibrancy as is detectable in real life. Therefore, even if you usually wear very little or no makeup, more defined makeup is required for perfect pictures. 

Yolande de Vries

There are a few elements to flawless makeup and your makeup artist will help you to bring them together:

Anneli Marinovich Photography
  • Perfect foundation match is the key to look good. The foundation needs to be matched to the tone of the skin of your chest.
  • A good layer of mascara (or a few individual lashes) will make your eyes look structured and more prominent.
  • Applying some blush or bronzer will make you look more alive. Even if you think it looks a touch too much for the naked eye!
  • Go for matt, skip shimmer eye shadows or too glossy lipsticks. Stick to neutral colours, which will give you the professional look you are going for.
  • Naturally glowing skin always looks good, too much highlighter not necessarily.


Having your makeup professionally done for the photoshoot is an investment that you will appreciate  the moment you will walk out of my door and step in the front of  the camera , and when you’ll see the images from your photographer!

To see more examples of the looks I’ve created for many female entrepreneurs follow me on my other Instagram account , that is dedicated to commercial work. 




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