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There is so much to think about when it comes to planning a wedding. There are a few more things to think about when it comes to YOUR wedding look!  

Here are my five top tips for brides to be when it comes to creating your dream look. And finding your makeup artist!

It’s never too early to look after your skin – try to develop a good skincare routine before your wedding. Once you develop a good routine – it will stay with you forever . If you don’t know where to start – ask professionals for advice.  A well hydrated, exfoliated, moisturised skin will be a great canvas for a beautiful makeup. You can find my favorite skincare products on my other post.

Recommendation first – once you have your wedding date – ask your friend who’s wedding look was your favorite, then ask about the recommendation of the makeup artist. Or ask other wedding suppliers, such as: wedding planners, photographers, florists and caterers. The wedding industry is very supportive, and the chances are that if you like one person’s style. There is a big chance they will recommend you, to someone with a similar work ethic and aesthetic. 

Do not skip the trial – you would not skip the wedding dress fitting after all! The main reason for doing a makeup trial is to create the perfect look for your wedding day. To make it error free. It is also a chance to meet your makeup artist in person, and see if you click. It will be the person you will spend the blissful hours, before you go down the aisle. So you want it to be joyful and stress free. 

Get inspired but be yourself! Instagram, Pinterest, Red carpet events – there are beauty looks everywhere to inspire you! And that’s great ! What you need to remember is that every one of those looks, has been created for an individual person with different face features than yours. Plus – we all are unique in a specific way, and so should be your wedding look.

Have a wow moment with your look! The wedding makeup should feel like your second skin, not like a mask. I don’t mean the amount of makeup, or the coverage of foundation. I want my brides to feel like they have just come back from their holiday – happy and relaxed and like the best version of themselves!

What does a makeup trial look like with me?

Expect a lot of questions to be asked when we meet. I try to be as detailed as possible, when it comes to creating the look you will be absolutely happy with. 

It is always helpful to bring images of the looks that you like, that you feel inspired by. Checking the latest looks from some recent red carpet events. Such as film festivals or awards ceremonies, is always a good idea. 

It’s good to wear a plain white / off white top that will reflect the color on your face. To envision how your makeup will look against your wedding dress..

During the makeup trial we will discuss the style of makeup you like, what makeup do you wear on a daily basis and on special occasions?  We will have a look at images that you can be inspired by. The skincare routine will be one of the topics alongside the condition of your skin, and any concerns you may have with it. I am not a skincare specialist however, I could guide you the right direction, as well as advise a specialist to help you with your skin care.

The makeup trial takes up to 2h, during which we can perfect the look. If you were planning an evening look and would like to do it yourself  – we can extend the session. I could show you the way to transform it from day to night. 

So, what next?

After your trial, I will document the session by writing down products used, and take a couple of professional portraits. I always take notes and do a face chart. It is very helpful on the wedding day to recreate the look. Feedback after the trial is one of the most important parts for me. I want to be sure that my brides are 100% happy with the look.

The wedding day is your day, and it is all about you and your partner, and your love to be celebrated. I truly believe that every bride should feel the most beautiful version of herself, most desirable and spectacular on her big day. A timeless look will survive the passage of time! You will always be able to look back at the pictures and feel the joy of your wedding day over and over again! 

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