There are more and more choices on the market when it comes to natural skincare and natural makeup including natural foundations. It was challenging and exciting for me to try new products and to find out more about natural foundations and their ingredients. I have finally selected a few brands whose products are now staple products in my kit .

So here is my selection of natural foundations that I have for my personal and professional use.

Light and medium coverage

RMS Beauty Uncover up concealer

A foundation and concealer in one. At first it looks like it’s very thick but it has a really light and creamy texture. It has a light to medium build-able coverage. In order to achieve this – you need to set the layers with a setting powder , also available from RMS Beauty ( the very fine and silky one). The finish is definitely natural and dewy . The colour range includes – 16 shades from very fair like a snow white to deep chocolate . This products is not suitable for vegans and contains coconut oil. A full list of the ingredients is available here 

Personal note: I have pigmentation on my face and this foundation does not provide 100% coverage which I’m fine with . I love how the skin looks and feels – I always get many compliments while wearing it!

Era Perez Oat Milk Foundation

A beautiful cream foundation , containing great natural ingredients such as oat milk, vitamin E and peach for a healthy skin. This foundation feels really light giving a decent medium coverage which lasts throughout the day. If your skin is a bit on the dryer side – prep it with a good moisturiser . Setting it with powder helps to last longer , especially on the T-zone( forehead, nose and chin). The finish of this natural foundation is on the natural side, it really looks like a second skin. The color range is unfortunately not that great – with only 6 shades available, including two darker ones. But I do hope more shades will follow. . The full list of ingredients available here 

Personal note: If you’re not sure about natural foundations, – try this one first. It feels more like a conventional foundation but with the benefits of a natural one. Additional bonus – it’s vegan and the packaging is made from recycled materials .

Ilia Beauty True Skin Serum foundation

A great liquid natural foundation with elements of skincare. It contains aloe which makes it great for sensitive skin, plus many nutritious oils like jojoba and marula oil. It minimize the appearance of pores, leaving skin looking like skin and gives good medium coverage. There is a great color range – 18 shades, different undertones – more pink or yellow or red for darker skin. It’s vegan, in an elegant, glass bottle. The foundation does contain silicons – in order to make it more long lasting. The founder of the company Sasha Plavsic said that some compromises had to be made to enhance the products performance. Not all synthetics are bad for the skin. To see the full list of the ingredients check this here

Medium to full coverage

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation

An absolutely amazing natural and organic foundation that really made me feel troubled at the beginning. It is very thick, looking like a heavy duty concealer .

I tried to apply it on models and myself a few times but it looked cakey and patchy. I felt there must be something wrong in the way I applied it. So I tried many different ways of preparing the skin. With the time I realised that with this beautiful natural foundation the key is in the skin prep. Adding a bit of facial oil makes the application so easy and the finish amazing . The brand recommends their own however you can try any facial oil you have. I mix it with Elan Skin Care Wonder Serum or Cosmetics a la Carte Restoring Rose Oil . The colour range – 16 shades, the packaging is refillable, made of steel and the design is super modern and luxurious! Available on Content Beauty 

Personal note : if you are looking for a luxury product – this’s it! I can’t deny that it is pricey but with that comes amazing quality! And don’t be discouraged if it won’t look great from the first application – try with just a little amount, you will find it goes long way!

Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation

Another wonderful luxurious natural foundation that I had wanted to try for ages and is now finally in my kit. It is one of the most pigmented natural foundations I have come across and feels like heaven on the skin. You really need very little – literally three drops are enough for a medium coverage. It blends seamlessly into your skin and gives this semi matt, velvet but still natural finish. The coverage is really build-able to a very good full coverage – if desired. There isn’t the widest colour range as eight shades are available but the product itself is – piece of art! You can get the full ingredients list here

Personal note : many of my clients have asked for a full coverage foundation that lasts as long as one of the very popular products on the market ( the total double coverage… you know which one!) . So it was my mission to find something similar in the natural foundations world… and I believe I have found an even better one which is, -even hard to compare with that other one!!

My conclusions about natural foundations

Natural foundations are not that different to ones offered by the main-stream beauty industry companies when it comes to challenges with texture, shade range or even to pigmentation of the products or coverage . But … they are so different and so much better when it comes to the ingredients, sustainability of the packaging and benefits to your skin and body. There is a choice – all it takes is a bit of a research and changing of the mindset. Your body and the planet will thank you! And if you would like to see more looks I’ve created using natural and organic products please check my portfolio in here

What do you think about the selection of the natural foundations above? Have you already tried one? I can’t wait to here about your experiences so please leave a comment!


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